G. Elijah Dann

I hold the degree of doctorat de théologie (Th.D.) from the Faculté de Théolgie, Université de Strasbourg. My Ph.D. (Philosophy) is from the University of Waterloo.

During my studies in Strasbourg, I had the great privilege to live at the Theological College of St. Thomas, where Albert Schweitzer had been director from 1901-1912.    


My thesis advisor in France was the Death of God theologian Gabriel Vahanian. At Princeton, in 1961, Professor Vahanian wrote the ground-breaking book “The Death of God”.

After my studies in France, I had a predoctoral fellowship from the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame. 

My philosophy thesis examined the work of the American pragmatist, Richard Rorty, and the consequences his work has for religious belief.  

I have taught in departments of philosophy, religion, and health studies in universities throughout southern Ontario, including the University of Toronto. From 1998 - 2007, I served as the Clinical Ethicist at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener/Waterloo.

I presently teach courses in religion and philosophy at Quest University and for the Seniors Program at Simon Fraser University (British Columbia), including Bioethics; the Philosophy of Religion;The New Atheists and their Critics; Practical Reasoning; Ethics, Technology, and the Future of Humanity; and, On Religion: Christopher Hitchens’ Greatest Hits.